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Theatre of Will is a non-profit arts education company based in southern California. We engage the young and old alike, in arts experiences that change lives. Willard Simms is the President and Artistic Director.

We are dedicated to biographical theatre and school education programs. We stage dramatic presentations that extend our knowledge of great and influential historical figures on the public stage and in the classroom, while exploring the rich depths of biography in drama. 

~ Water Wizard Visits the Valley ~
Music and Theatre Bring Water Awareness
See Review in Los Angeles Daily News

Get ready for Water Magic, San Fernando Valley! Beginning July 23rd, Theatre of Will is bringing its special blend of music and theatre to the Valley Cultural Center Summer Entertainment Series. Every Saturday night at 7:30 PM, just before the Summer Movies at Warner Park, our beautiful Water Wizard will be onstage demonstrating the wondrous journey of water, from rain falling from the sky through its journey to the faucets in our homes.  The performance includes a magical transformation, changing young audience members into water drops onstage!  For school performances, please contact James Ricklef  at 818-284-5372, or send an email with your details to willard@theatreofwill.org.

On alternate Saturdays, the audience will go back in time to help William Mulholland convince early 1900 Los Angeles leaders that the growing city needs additional sources of water. Young people from the audience will join Mulholland onstage as he supervises the building of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, which for over 100 years continues bringing water over 200 miles to homes in Los Angeles.

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