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Theatre of Will is a non-profit arts education company based in southern California. We engage the young and old alike, in arts experiences that change lives. Willard Simms is the President and Artistic Director.

We are dedicated to biographical theatre and school education programs. We stage dramatic presentations that extend our knowledge of great and influential historical figures on the public stage and in the classroom, while exploring the rich depths of biography in drama. 

Theatre of Will Brings Art and Education to Your School
'Thirsty City' and 'Water Wizard' available for booking
Assemblies provided free to LAUSD Schools
Sponsored by the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
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Reserve your spot now to see our water conservation assemblies, 'The Thirsty City' or 'The Water Wizard'. Theatre of Will is bringing its special blend of music and theatre to LAUSD schools, provided free by the generous sponsorship of the LADWP.

The Thirsty City
Students go back in time to help William Mulholland convince early 1900 Los Angeles leaders that the growing city needs additional sources of water. Young people from the audience join Mulholland onstage and help him supervise the building of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, which for over 100 years has continued bringing water over 200 miles to our homes. They participate in building the Elizabeth Tunnel, and also in creating the ditches, tunnels, and pipes which utilize only the force of gravity in bringing water from the Owens Valley to Los Angeles. Complementing the curriculum of 4th and 5th, Grades, the assembly is a living history lesson.
The Water Wizard
In this musical presentation, the beautiful Water Wizard takes students along on the wondrous journey of water, from rain and snow fall, into creeks and rivers, and into aqueducts and hydro-electric plants and filtration plants on its journey to the faucets in our homes. The performance includes a magical transformation, in which young audience members turn into water drops onstage! Complementing the curriculum of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades, the assembly is filled with fun learning experiences, and utilizes vocabulary cards to encourage student participation.
For Elementary School performances, please contact Willard Simms at 818-620-1186, or send an email to willard@theatreofwill.org. For Middle Schools, contact our Middle School Program Manager, David Guerra, at 805-451-8656, or email elsrguerra@gmail.com.

Contact us to inquire about our productions and also our STEAM and Arts Education programs.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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