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Theatre of Will is a non-profit arts education company based in Southern California. We engage students in multi-faceted arts experiences (residencies, assemblies, and virtual learning experiences) that are both enlightening and entertaining. Willard Simms is the President and Artistic Director who guides our experienced staff of professional teaching artists and musicians.
In light of COVID-19, we will no longer be doing our live auditorium assemblies at LAUSD Schools.Instead we will be offering an LADWP sponsored Zoom Virtual Learning Experience for at home students. It incorporates material from our live assemblies, such as our music and pantomime, and includes some of our student participation elements.wizard
It is hosted by a live Theatre of Will Teaching Artist who speaks directly to the at home students, and it features animated characters who demonstrate water saving techniques.
vickyThe animated characters take LAUSD at home students on an entertaining and educational journey where they learn the importance of water and good water conservation methods. The 45 minute learning experience also complements NGSS and ELA class standards for grades 2 and 3 as one group, and grades 4 and 5 as another group.
The learning experience, called "Water Guardians", is targeted for grades 2-5 and will be presented from the Theatre of Will platform.

A comprehensive Teacher’s Handbook will be provided, and a professional development session will take place in advance of the presentation where materials are explained to Teachers.


Song lyrics and vocabulary words will be provided at this session, and examples of pre and post presentation projects that students can work on will be handed out.

EXAMPLE: Cesar’s family has a slow drip in the bathroom sink. There are only 2 drips per minute, but since there are 9 drips in a tablespoon, Chelsea wants to know: how many hours will it take to fill a one quart jar? (16 tablespoons in one cup; 4 cups in one quart). Can you do the calculation?

NOTE: We provide a brief 30-minute professional development session for teachers where the lesson materials are explained. This session provides an understanding of how the material will be presented in the 45-minute Zoom Virtual Learning Experience.

Reserve your preferred date and time for the development session and virtual lesson here!

The professional development session and our virtual learning experience are provided free by the generous sponsorship of the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power.

Here is a preview of the animation and songs from our presentation!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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