William Mulholland and The Thirsty City

Teaching students the values of perseverance and conservation

William Mulholland and The Thirsty City is a one hour interactive theatre assembly in which seasoned teaching artists engage the audience in a living history lesson. Students go back in time to help William Mulholland overcome the many obstacles he faced in bringing water nearly 300 miles to the community of early 20th century Los Angeles.
Students learn about the process of bringing water over the mountains to Los Angeles and participate, along side of William Mulholland, in building the Los Angeles aqueduct. It's an engaging piece of participatory theatre that dramatizes the history of Los Angeles, and also the science behind bringing water here by gravity flow from the Owens Valley.

Students then return to modern times and work with the teaching artists to create water usage programs and energy conservation charts that help modern day Los Angeles get through the current drought by conserving water in a variety of efficient ways which also save their families and community money!

The presentation has demonstrated tremendous appeal to all student audiences, and especially those coming from immigrant families.

Enjoy a sample of our show!

We want to thank our program's sponsor, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

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