The Water Wizard and the Foolish Man

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The Water Wizard and the Foolish Man is an arts education touring production geared for first, second, and third grade elementary school students. It consists of a 50 minute assembly program performed by seasoned teaching artists who take the students on a journey that follows water as it descends from the clouds, down onto the land, through creek beds, streams, rivers, lakes, aqueducts and pipes into hydro electric and water purification plants.

The students watch and participate in the processes the water goes through, and learn first hand how water is brought into their homes. They participate in experiments with water, learn the importance of water in our day to day lives, and are given the most current water facts and statistics (like proper watering days and times) that will help families conserve water in their homes and communities.

Standards-based educational materials will be prepared for students and teachers prior to each assembly. These materials will be distributed to schools for use before and after the assemblies to ensure a complete, well-balanced experience. The materials conform to state educational content standards and will serve two purposes: 1) to prepare students and faculty for the assembly; 2) provide supplemental in-class and/or homework activities to reinforce the educational aspects of the performance and to help provide water conservation tips at home.

Enjoy a sample of our show!

We want to thank our program's sponsor, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

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