Leonardo in Aerospace

Leonardo in Aerospace is an arts education touring production about the great Leonardo da Vinci. It portrays him creating plans for the airplane and rocket ship. But no one in his time believes that man can fly. He has brought with him into the 21st century a model of a rocket to prove that flight is possible. He is also working on a painting of a beautiful woman with an eternally mysterious smile. And he has a new technique for putting frescoes on walls and wants to put up his own version of the Last Supper of Christ. But he is never able to finish these projects, due to his latest invention, the cellular telephone!

Because of this portable device, his patrons call him constantly, wherever he is, and interrupt his work. He wants the audience to help him decide whether he should destroy all plans for this maddeningly intrusive device, which aids communication, but seems to be the enemy of creativity.

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